Women in Construction Summit 2024

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Crowne Plaza, Belfast 

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Thank you for attending the Women in Construction Summit 2024. We hope you all found the day beneficial. Please see below resources used throughout the day, along with details on each of the speakers and conference agenda.

Conference Agenda

Conference Programme

Marie-Claire McGreevy and Oonagh O’Reilly

MCO Performance

Performance Culture
Networking Session

Cathy Brennan


Resourceful Planner

Wheel of Life
Financial well-being

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Jason Lear

Lear Training

Conversing with the Future

Breda McCague

Motivational Speaker

Bold Vision

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Women in Construction Summit 2024 Evaluation

About CITB

Our role is to encourage the adequate training of those employed or intending to be employed in the construction industry and to improve the skills and productivity of the industry, to deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce across the whole of the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

CITB NI’s role is also to make sure

– that employees and new entrants to the construction industry have the right training;
– that employers provide training for their workforce;
– that we understand the industry and can identify what its training needs are both now and in the future and;
– that the right qualifications, at the right level, are available to meet these needs.